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Fine Feast Canapé Selection

Formal Cocktail Parties for between 50pax and 250 pax

Prices are exclusive of vat

We recommend a Selection of 2-3 vegetarian, 2-3 seafood,  3 meat options and 2 dessert options (ie 9 to 11 dishes to ensure that all guests dietary requirements and preferences are catered for)

Please Note : Food is cooked freshly on site. 

If a kitchen facility is not available please advise us before choosing your canape selection so that we can inform you which of the dishes 

will be possible to be delivered pre-prepared

This menu is to be Waiter Served.  You would need 1 waiter per 15 to 20 pax for serving.  Please inquire for a quote for the waiters as this is dependant on the length of time of the event as well as the location.


Smoked Salmon Rosettes served on little Beetroot Blini's with Horseradish Mousse & Black Caviar  R20

Tempura Tiger Prawn, Avocado Salsa , Tomato & Chili Jam  R25

Cajun Crusted Tiger Prawns served on Little Sweetcorn Fritters with Guacamole R25

Panko Crumbed Tiger Prawns served with a Sweet Chili & Coriander Dipping Sauce R25

Little Asian Insired Salmon Cakes topped with a Butter Poached Tiger Prawn Skewer R35

Fresh Oysters , Cucumber Spaghetti , Olive Oil Sorbet R25 (minimum 50 pax order)

Medallions of Sesame Crusted Sugar-cured Yellowfin Tuna , served with Julienne of Home Pickled Cucumber R30

Rare Salmon Spring rolls served with Wasabi Aioli and Fresh Lime R22

Seared Irish Scallops served in Chinese Spoons with Saffron & Citrus Beurre Blanc , Black Caviar R45



Brie & Black Forest Ham Spring roll , Plum Dipping Sauce  R20

Duck Confit & Julienne Vegetable Spring roll  , Lime Leaf & Pickled Ginger Dipping Sauce  R20

Bruschetta with Rare Fillet of Beef , Red Onion Marmalade , Baby Rocket , Parmesan  R22

Rosettes of Smoked Springbok served on little Celeriac Blini's with Creme Fraiche, Fresh Fig & Apple Jam R20

Chorizo, Fresh Basil, Sundried Tomato & Halloumi Spring roll R20

Medallion of Pan-grilled Springbok Loin served in Puff Pastry Vol-au-vonts with Horseradish Mousse and Gluwein Poached Pear R22

Thai Barbeque Chicken Lollipops R18



Demitasse of Roasted Red Pepper & Plum Tomato Soup served with Basil Pesto and Gratineed with a Parmesan Foam R18

Demitasse of Truffled Portebellini Mushroom Cappuccino R20

Thyme Crostini's with Goats Camembert, Fresh Fig & Orange Onion Marmalade R18

Sundried Tomato & Parmesan Shortbread topped with Fresh Basil, Confit of Rosa Tomato and Buffalo Mozzarella  R18

Little Wild Mushroom, Caramelised Onion & Boursin Cream Cheese Puff Pastry Tarts R20

Shitake Mushrooom Croquettes served with Soya and Honey Dipping Sauce R20

Parmesan Shortcrust Tarts filled with Grilled Aubergine, Roasted Red Pepper Hummus and Fresh Basil R20


Canapé Desserts

Baby Vanilla Pod & Rose Pavlova’s with Fresh Strawberry Salsa , Pomegranate R20

Chocolate & Banana Spring rolls in Cinnamon Sugar served with Amarula Creme Anglaise R18

Little Dark Chocolate & Espresso Tartlets served with a Quenelle of White Chocolate & Ginger Mousse R20

Double Shot Glasses of Triple Chocolate Mousse with a Honey Snap Tuile R25

Double Shot Glass of Espresso & Vanilla Pod Panna Cotte with Caramelised Oranges and a little Pistachio Nut Biscotti R20

Double Shot Glasses of Baked Lemon Cheesecake R25

Little Amarula Creme Brulee R22




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